V8 Diner

First opened in 2010, the V8 Diner has gone through some big changes, but remains Bangkok’s only true American 50’s-theme restaurant.

The V8 opened on Sukhuvmit Soi 12 along with the Insanity nightclub in 2010. Its gorgeous exterior welcomed visitors to Bangkok’s top nightspot and became the go-to location for late-night dining.

Both Insanity and the V8 moved in June 2017 to Sukhumvit Soi 11 where the V8 Diner found its own new identity. Unlike before, the V8’s exterior took a backseat to the epic new Insanity frontage. But its interior became something no one had ever seen in Thailand.

Stunningly decorated in neon and with retro wall signs, license plates and even a surfboard, the new V8 Diner echoed the vintage theme of 1950’s America like nowhere else. We even brought in a genuine 1950s-era jukebox and 1960s Coca-Cola machine.

Then, in May 2018, a Thai music star dropped by, put photos of the V8 on his Facebook page and the V8 exploded across Bangkok. Overnight, the V8 Diner became the PLACE TO SEE and the place to BE SEEN!

The V8’s Facebook page went from a few thousand visits a day to 1 million overnight. Suddenly the tables were packed with people wanting to Instagram themselves in front of the neon, the jukebox and the Coke machine.

The superstars soon followed. In coming weeks, the V8 would appear on Channel 3, in music videos and in fashion shoots with movie stars, pop singers and net idols ranging from Chompoo Araya to Baitoey RSiam, Alrisa Maprang to Gookgik Songsangteam, and Miss Universe Thailand runner-up Waratthaya Wongchayaporn to actress Kao Supassara.
The fantastic popularity of American television show “Riverdale” also fueled the V8’s popularity, as the diner mimics the iconic Pop’s Diner on the CW/Netflix program.

Of course, the menu also helps. Burgers, pizza and our trademark milkshakes make the V8 the place to go for an authentic American diner experience, at prices lower than major fast food restaurants! We continue to innovate the menu, adding new items and working to make our food even a better value.